Selecting the Right Vertical Grinder for Your Business Needs

When it comes to vertical pneumatic grinders and other pneumatic power tools, few professionals in pneumatic metal working, metal casting, forging, and fabrication shops really think about the type of grinding wheels they should use. But this isn’t all enough. They need to know which wheel type will best perform the jobs they need to do. Here’s some important advice on when to employ an angle grinder vs. a vertical grinder for the best work done.

Vertical Grinder

For cutting, sticking and reshaping metal, including alloys, aluminum and steel, the flat top is the way to go. It’s also the easiest to learn and use. The flat top gives the user the ability to quickly and accurately do angled cuts with clean, clear line cuts. The roundness of a vertical grinding wheel is necessary because the work piece being ground has less distortion while the grinding process takes place. Less distortion means a more accurate result as well as smoother results.

When it comes to cutting hard materials, the heavy duty and high torque of the vertical grinder are what’s needed. To do this, a horizontal grinder with two or three zones is required along with a special disc that holds the work piece while it grinds the material to the specifications needed. These discs are made of either steel or aluminum and must be durable enough to stand up to the grinding action. Z axis units are less expensive but they don’t offer the same level of accuracy and control as the vertical models do.

In order to work efficiently along with the other components of the machine, the vertical grinder wheels need to be lightweight and durable. It’s also important to consider the performance of the spindle wheels when selecting which of the two wheels to use. Spindle wheels are similar to that of a lathe in that they can spin at different speeds. They’re used with two sets of wheels that spin simultaneously. This provides the user with a smoother operation as well as greater accuracy in the grinding of the material.

While most vertical grinding machines use steel or aluminum wheels, they can also be used with titanium or other metal types that have less distortion and therefore require less manual labor to maintain. These types of discs are known as mini-disks. The spindle wheels in vertical grinder machines are designed to remain flat and to operate at a constant speed. The discs can be adjusted to create a level of uniformity in the grinding of the workpiece.

When you’re considering purchasing a vertical grinder, you should pay close attention to the type of grinding operations it offers. You should select one setup that allows you to complete the desired work more consistently. This is done by allowing the same face grinding action to be used on the same set of materials. This will help reduce errors and increase the productivity of your production line.

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