Is it time to ditch Verizon’s unlimited data plan?

As the company hikes the price of its grandfathered unlimited plan, CNET’s Marguerite Reardon helps a customer figure out his options.

CNET October 19, 2015
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Is it time to ditch Verizon’s unlimited data plan?

As the company hikes the price of its grandfathered unlimited plan, CNET’s Marguerite Reardon helps a customer figure out his options.
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YouTube star Freddie Wong: Virtual reality needs to be like Disneyland (Q&A)

The YouTube auteur behind “Video Game High School" dove into VR for Hulu with a short film, “The Big One." His eureka moment: Realizing filmmakers should approach the new format like it’s an amusement park ride.
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Asus mulls HoloLens augmented-reality glasses of its own

The PC maker’s CEO is talking with Microsoft about becoming the first outside company to build a version of Microsoft’s glasses that overlay digital images on the real world.
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China hack attacks on US continue despite commercial spying pact, security firm says

Hackers associated with the Chinese government targeted seven US companies in the last three weeks, CrowdStrike says.
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‘Star Wars’ awakens with new teasers and exclusive ticket sale promotions

Check out new teaser trailers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens" now. Plus, tickets go on sale Monday for showings worldwide and special events in theaters.
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Microsoft adds Surface Book with 1 terabyte of storage for $3,199

The new Surface Book may be a winner, but will people pay that much for its high-tech specs?
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I survived Camp Nerd Fitness, zombie dog and all

For four days this month, CNET’s Michael Franco took part in a different kind of camp for adults. He came back changed — and not just because he was turned into a zombie.
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Bandwidth issues? Nobody has time for that

From TechRepublic:
SolarWinds® Bandwidth Analyzer Pack gives you an end-to-end view of network traffic so you can quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve your…

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Top 5: Actors who’ve played Steve Jobs

There’s a new movie about Apple’s founder, so we’ve ranked the many actors who have portrayed Steve Jobs. Guess who’s the best?

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A smart house is a safe home

A smart house is a safe home Here are CNET’s tips on how to secure your house and keep burglars away when you’re not home.

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